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21 Savage Fighting Against Deportation In Criminal Case!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, 21 savage is fighting to stay in the country after being threatened to be deported following a recent criminal case.

The rapper 21 Savage, who was born in London but was raised in Atlanta, has requested a judge to suppress some evidence related to a confrontation he had with the police that he feels was illegal.

According to our sources, the "Rap Saved Me" rapper seeks to bury any evidence related to his traffic incident in 2019.

He feels that the cops had no justification for pulling him over, therefore his attorneys have filed a request to have the court prevent the prosecution from utilizing it.

He claims that if they had not initially identified him, they would not have discovered the drugs and weapons in the car.

According to a police complaint, 21 Savage allegedly threw a bottle of codeine out the window when he and his crew were stopped.

They claim to have also discovered a gun in the vehicle.

The artist will be sent home to the UK if he is found guilty of this offense.

He contends that he shouldn't have been stopped in the first place and that possessing a pistol is irrelevant other than the claimed lean that was tossed out the window.

According to 21 "There was no illegality for the weapon to be in the car”.

Back then, 21 Savage’s immigration battle was placed on hold by the Dekalb County District Attorney's office until ICE's criminal charges were resolved.

As of now, the fate of 21’s immigration status is unknown but we’re hoping for the best!

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