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6ix9ine Admits $2M He Flaunted On Instagram Post Was "Prop" Money!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

In a court hearing last month as part of an ongoing civil action for his role in a 2018 armed robbery, 6ix9ine said he was "struggling to make ends meet."

So when he posted an Instagram video of himself flexing over $2 million in cash last week, the visuals were not good.

But, according to the disgraced artist, it was all a hoax. Harvey Levin, one of our sources, asked him about the video and if he could pay the $1 million he owed in restitution.

To which the rapper responded “I ain’t got it right now,” he says. “That was prop money. I ain’t got it. Like I said, I’m an entertainer and obviously we talking about it so I did a pretty good job in entertaining people. You know how you have a degree in law? I have a degree in entertainment.”

However, according to a recent interview with Akademiks' Off The Record podcast, 6ix9ine is still living large. He lives in a "multi-million dollar mansion" and drives "multi-million dollar cars," as he put it.

6ix9ine was also asked to address his hostility directed at Fivio Foreign and Lil Durk, whom he often abuses on social media. 6ix9ine claims that he is merely reacting to what they put out initially.

PC: HipHopDX Images

“My plan was never to come at nobody,” he said. “It was just to drop music, you know, get back into the realm of my art and just come out with positivity. When I said the King of New York is back, I want to be very clear, I came out, I didn’t mention anybody. Fivio jumped out the window first. He could’ve just stayed quiet. I know a lot of people don’t want to hear it, but the moment 6ix9ine responds, ‘Oh my god! Look, he’s chasing clout!”

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