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Alpo Martinez’s Alleged Killer Was Arrested By NYPD

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news, Alpo Martinez’s alleged killer was arrested by the NYPD.

The man identified as Shakeem Parker, age 27, was charged with murder in the Alpo Martinez case.

Back in the fall of 2021, in Harlem, Alpo was shot while driving his red Dodge Ram.

Alpo continued to drive away from the shooting, however he sustained harsh injuries which led him to crash into a car.

After Alpo crashed he was rushed to the nearest hospital, and unfortunately he died.

Parker was seen leaving town and going towards the Bronx around roughly 4:00 am, the shooting took place around 3:20 am.

In the town where the shooting took place, Alpo was already in trouble, it was dangerous for him to be there considering all the trouble he caused at one point.

Many people wanted Alpo dead and it was very clear. Uncle Murda made a song that said, “I was smoking on that Alpo pack when I wrote this,Finally a nigga died out here for doing some hoe shit (Word!),That’s what he get for ratting and killing a good nigga, Salute to whoever it was that pulled the trigger (Salute!), We celebrated that’s a W for the streets, Finally the homie Rich Porter can Rest In Peace (finally!),” Uncle Murda rapped.

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