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Ari Fletcher Claims G Herbo Neglected Their Son. (Social Media Fued)

Written By: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news, things got heated between Ari Fletcher and G Herbo.

Ari took to social media to tell the world Tiana Williams, who is Herbo’s fiancée, that she is abusing their three year old son.

Their son, Yosohn, told Ari that a scar on his face was from Tiana. Ari went on to say Tiana is mean to him, and she doesn’t like him.

The situation escalated when Ari said that Herbo denied the situation and he claimed Yosohn was lying.

Herbo had said “if y’all believe I’ll let anybody on earth mistreat my son y’all ass stupid.”

Ari replied back and said, “You sat up and said in front of her that my baby was lying, that’s why you haven’t seen your son foreal and that’s why he probably doesn’t want me to have no other kids because the way your other babymama treats him. When you finally came to where we live you got him for one day, posted on Instagram and left.”

Tiana then had something to say after hearing Ari’s claims.

She said “Anybody that knows me knows I would never lay a finger on him or any child. I have always had to hide my love for Yosohn out of respect for you & your wishes. When I met Herb I knew he was apart of the package. I signed up for this even with all the drama that came with it.”

They then continued to share words on social media. However the real question is, who is telling the truth?

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