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ASAP Rocky Was Arrested While His Fiancé, Rihanna, Is Pregnant.

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news the police searched ASAP Rocky’s house and found multiple guns on his property.

There was a shooting in November of 2021. They were trying to find evidence in ASAP Rocky’s house to see if they could connect him to the case.

Now, the guns are currently being tested to see if they can link him to the incident.

The guy that was shot claims that ASAP Rocky went up to him and shot him 4 times with a handgun.

There were also two other males that left the scene and are currently unidentified.

While this was happening ASAP Rocky was not home. He was with Rihanna, and they were just coming back from their vacation in Barbados.

ASAP Rocky has since been arrested until they find him not guilty on his upcoming trial which will take place on August 17th.

ASAP Rocky’s bail has been set to 550,000 dollars, in which he posted on his Instagram story.

Do you guys think ASAP Rocky will be found guilty?

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