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Ashanti Accused Of Stealing Another Authors Work

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news Ashanti, the 41 year old singer, is being accused of writing a children's book that mimics another author's work.

Ashanti wrote a book called, “My Name Is a Story”. This book is about how every name is unique and all names should be celebrated.

Her inspiration for this book is said to be about her own life story. She says when she was younger no one could pronounce her name right, so she wrote a book.

Things took a tremendous turn when another author spoke up and said Ashanti stole her storyline.

An author named Jamilah wrote a children's book called “Your Name is a Song” which is about a little girl who gets frustrated because no one can say her name.

Jamilah said she doesn’t believe the story is Ashanti’s own experience and she copied her book.

Jamilah said, "What is my book about? About a girl on the first day of school whose name gets mispronounced and whose mother helps her to see the beauty and musicality of names.”

Jamilah said it took her over two years to get that book published, and how she is shocked that Ashanti’s story is so much like hers.

Jamilah even went to social media to tell tons of people about this situation.

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