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Azealia Banks Announces Her Opinion,“it’s not gangsta for rappers to be killing each other.”

Written By: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news Azealia Banks took to Instagram to express her opinion on hip hop artists killing one another.

Azealia seems to be heated as she is so deeply against what the hip hop community turned into.

She starts off by saying, “it’s not gangsta for rappers to be killing each other. It’s ruining f*cking everything,”

She then said, “Hip Hop audiences are so ghetto and backwards sometimes.” Azealia followed her words with, “Knowing that most men and women in the entertainment industry will exchange sexual favors for Job opportunities is not news. The difference is, these white actors who are sucking d*** for lead roles aren’t shooting and killing one another!!!”

This is something that seems to be really bothering her, especially since hip hop is now being categorized into a stereotype.

Many fans are agreeing with her.

“This Hip Hop murder sh*t really has to f*cking stop. It’s not fun. It’s not gangsta, it’s not cool,” said Azealia.

Fans have said things such as, “where was the lie?, I didn’t hear one.”

Another said, “Azealia may have her issues, BUT, she made some valid points”

On the flip side, there were negative comments such as, “She don’t ever have any nice or positive things to say about any fcking thing. LIKE EVER.”

Many people that had something negative to say is because of what happened between her and Ye, which is due to her obsessive behavior.

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