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Beanie Sigel Claims Kanye OWES Him 50 Million & 5% Royalties For The Name“Yeezy”!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Beanie Sigel brought the name ‘yeezy’ to Kanye’s attention. Kanye used Sigel’s idea, and everybody has heard of the name. Kanye’s company has gotten tons of attention and has a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars.

Sigel should get some type of recognition. Kanye had promised Sigel 50 million dollars as well as 5% stock income.

Sigel has never received his money, and Kanye had said a few words while at his Drink Champs Interview.

Kanye said, “YEEZY was Beanie’s name for me when I was at Baseline. On some like ‘That’s YEEZY’ .. make him one of us. He let me wear his

State Property chain. He really just embraced me.”

Kanye didn’t have anything bad to say, and he then indicated how he was going to give him money as he said,

“I still owe Beanie money, and I been trying to give him this money for a minute. I been trying to give it to him, this man-made up the name. It’s like, you know, the lady who made the Nike Swoosh. Phil Knight went back and made sure she was straight.”

Although Kanye says this, it’s been a long time for Sigel not to have a share of the money.

Though it has been a while, Kanye seems to be following his promise because he has reached out to Sigel a couple times. Sigel even said,

“I got a call from the motherfucker the other day, Kanye West, he said ‘Sig I owe you $50M and 5% stock in Yeezy,’”

As time passes, it will be revealed if Kanye’s words match his actions and Sigel gets his fair deal.

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