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Beloved Social Media Star Dies Tragically in Apparent Suicide

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Nenobia Washington, is also known as the “Queen of Brooklynn.” Washington gained this title from social media after her interview with HotNewHipHop. In the interview she covers many topics ranging from Hillary Clinton being president to her love for JAY Z.

After being asked if she heard of TIDAL, which is a streaming service, she replies with:

“That’s my sh*t. I f**** with JAY-Z, JAY-Z earned all his money. JAY-Z is not Illuminati. You hating a** n***** that's hating on JAY, If he wants to be Illuminati, let him, but JAY-Z is a real n****,”

Washington took to social media to post memes, she would show off her hilarious personality, and many people loved her.

Washington loved to make others happy, even though she was battling her own problems. She had been suffering with an addition, which is a horrible thing for anyone to go through.

Nenobia unfortunately passed away at the age of 38. It is believed that she went missing from her home the day before she was pronounced dead.

When Washington was found, she was unconscious and unresponsive according to officers. It appeared that she had fallen from a New York building. Many are unsure if she jumped off the building or if she had fallen.

According to the father of Washington's son, he informed TMZ she had fallen out of the window.

Her exact cause of death is still unknown, but when her autopsy comes back more information will be released on how she died.

Washington had a son named Tyeleck. Washington was the most loving mother, and it would be hard for anyone to believe she intentionally left her son behind. Her main priority in life was to be a good mother and keep her son safe. She also claimed that she “survived by her son,” and she handled what she had to do in order to provide the best life she possibly could for him.

Many fans have spoken out about the death of Washington. One said,

“I had a fantastic day and now my day is fucking ruined. I really can’t believe Nenobia (Queen bktidalwave, aka Miss ‘they kill biggie’) is dead. I heard she died of substance abuse? It doesn’t matter how she died, I’m just so hurt that she’s gone.”

Another said,

“I’m so sad about it. I heard she died of propofol. I hope it’s not true. She always made me laugh and I love her tea room gifs. Sad day. RIP Queen of Brooklyn.”

Many people have spoken out about her death, including family members and fans. Everybody seems so hurt, considering how the young woman brought joy and laughter to everybody she knew. Hopefully things get better for her family, and they can get through this.

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