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Bhad Bhadie Devastated In Near-Fatal Car Accident!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in HipHop News, this week, Bhad Bhabie—real name Danielle Bregoil—was hurt in a bad vehicle accident. She has really pledged to completely quit riding in automobiles since it was so traumatic.

On Friday, January 27, the popular Dr. Phil guest-turned-rapper uploaded a picture of the mangled car and expressed relief that the driver was still alive.

She wrote in a IG caption:

“I’m beyond devastated,” she wrote. “My first car totaled and over with. If the car wasn’t so heavy Tilan would probably b dead. This was my first car accident. I’m still shook up and don’t even wanna get in a car ever again. This experience sure showed me who really give af and who don’t! Thank god I wasn’t driving bc I wouldn’t have knew what tf to do.”

Since obtaining a contract with Atlantic Records in 2017, Bhad Bhabie has maintained a relatively quiet profile, at least in terms of his musical output.

Despite the agreement failing, she was still able to land a few Billboard Hot 100 hits, including "These Heaux."

She created her OnlyFans account in April 2021, only a few days after becoming 18 years old, and these days she devotes more time to it.

Bhad Bhabie said that in her first six hours on OnlyFans, she made a staggering $1 million.

Bhad Bhabie claimed in an interview with Sundae Conversation that even she found the males that came to her page as soon as she was of legal age repulsive.

“People subscribed right away?” she was asked. She responded, “Yeah.” The interviewer follow-up with, “Should they be in jail?” to which she said, “Yeah.”

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