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City Girls JT Tells Critic To “Wash Their Walls”!

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news City Girls JT got heated fast after reading a comment left by an internet critic.

Fivio Foreign released his single “Top Notch” which features JT.

A person responded with a tweet which said, “so everyone just doing drill now?”

JT seemed to have taken offense to this as she responded with, “Y’all hoes shut up n-ggas make the same type music all them time, Bitches hopping on drill beats & yall in a frenzy trying to create wars! Listen or don’t listen matter fact get off here & go wash yours walls, both of them!!!”

Many applauded JT for standing up for herself, however others said she was extra due to the fact the comment was not that serious.

Their song has received almost 1 million views in the two days it’s been out, and is catching the attention of many.

Overall what is your opinion? Did JT overreact?

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