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DaBaby Swings On His Own Artist Wisdom Awute In Captured Video Footage!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, we yet again report on another violent encounter, altercation, whatever you have it, DaBaby again remains infamous for his key involvement in launching his hands at someone.

DaBaby is seen swinging on his artist Wisdom Awute on video footage.

DaBaby is well-known for his music, but he's lately received much attention for his violent confrontations.

Only a few weeks ago, the North Carolina-raised rapper shot an intruder for trespassing on his land and then gloated about it.

He stated in an Instagram post, "chose not to take a n*gga life the other day & it felt great. Buddy ain't deserve to go, I step righteously. Heal up & live my boy ! Just don't bring ya ass back"

In case you haven’t remembered, he was previously involved in a confrontation with his baby mother's brother, DaniLeigh, in a bowling alley.

After the two parents feuded online, Dani's brother, Brandon Bills, took matters into his own hands, resulting in him and DaBaby fighting in front of a crowd.

Now it appears that the "Suge" rapper is in hot water once more.

His most recent transgression involves one of his own artists, Wisdom Awute. A video was shared on social media showing the 30-year-old swinging on Wisdom first, and the two tussling before being separated by security.

However, this isn't the first time Wisdom and DaBaby have gotten into trouble together. Last June, the two rappers were arrested in connection with a shooting in Miami.

It's unclear what sparked the confrontation, and neither of the guys has issued a statement about it.

The fight can be seen in the video below.

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