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DeLonte West Arrested After Encounter With Police In Apparent Relapse

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written By: Sean Taylor 21

Today in sports news, former NBA player Dolente West ran into some trouble in Palm Beach County Florida when he was arrested for being combative and publicly intoxicated. The police report stated that West was stopped by officers after he was found yelling, cursing and banging on the doors of Boynton Beach police station. What makes matters worse is he was doing all of this while holding open containers of both beer and vodka. West was ordered to leave and put down the alcohol, which he initially appeared to do so but then things took a turn for the worst.

Officers stated that instead of complying West got up and put his hands inside his pockets which then caused one officer to grab for his taser.

Once Delonte responded to the verbal commands, he was arrested without further incident. However, in the back of the police car he continued to be belligerent. The arrest took place at 10:32pm Pacific Standard Time on October 19th and was later released on bail.

If you recall back in January, Delonte made the headlines after it was reported he was suffering from alcoholism and addiction.

NBA owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, extended his hand in assistance and things began to look up for Delonte West. West completed treatment and even took a job at the same addiction center that helped him earlier this year.

Unfortunately with this recent incident in Florida, it appears his recovery has stalled for the meantime. For more hip hop news go to

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