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Drake Gets Emotional Kanye West's Larry Hoover Performance

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Khalif Thompson

We’ve all listened to songs that stirred our emotions and pull at our heartstrings, and for Drake that was on in Kanye West’s inventory.

Former foes, as we last remember, reuniting for the “Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert” in Los Angeles earlier this month, footage from the show captured Drizzy in an emotional state.

According to sources, in a released recap of the Larry Hoover concert, Drake is caught emotionally invested in Kanye West’s performance of “Runaway”. The camera zooms in on Drake who appears to tear up as Ye delivers a heartfelt & riveting performance to his soon to be ex wife Kim Kardashian.

Despite the energy of the moment, fans still found ways to insert comedic responses regarding the Toronto rapper’s tears. Under Akademiks’ instagram post comments like “Drake thought about Riri” , and “he felt him, he wanted Kim to run back to him” towards Ye.

Comedian Druski commented “N-gga if you felt the wind out there. B-tch I was balling crying”, he wrote.

Something about seeing influential figures actually expressing emotion is so riveting for their fans!

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