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Drake Helps J. Cole Chase His Basketball Passion (He Signed!)

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news J. Cole goes after his passion for basketball.

J. Cole, a widely known artist, has recently signed to the Scarborough Shooting Stars. Niko Carnio is a co-owner of this franchise.

Not too long ago Drake hosted a party in which Carnio and J.Cole were there.

J. Cole originally approached Drake about playing on the team, and this is what led him to being signed.

A team co-owner named Sam Ibrahim wanted J. Cole to play in Toronto. Ibrahim accomplished this by speaking to Drake about the situation.

Drake was able to get J.Cole to comply.

J. Cole is not an outcast nor treated differently from anyone on the team and many have said he works just as hard as anyone else.

The star has put many people in shock when they found out that he is now pursuing basketball.

His teammates also seem to be happy that he is on their team.

Even though many people are happy for him, many fans are worrying that he will start to make less music.

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