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Drake Seeking Legal Assistance Against Violent Stalker

Written by: Khalif Thompson

In the most unexpected report that we’d ever thought we’d have to report on and craziest news I’m sure the world didn’t expect to be receiving, but Drake is currently seeking legal help in keeping away a violent stalker who even went as far as to tell kill himself.

Drake requested a restraining order against Mesha Collins, who he claims has been harassing him for years.

So, who is Mesha Collins & why are we just hearing of her? The suspenseful question the people are currently deliberating amongst themselves.

Drake is seeking legal protection from an alleged stalker.

According to TMZ, Drake took legal action against a woman who reportedly harassed him for years. Larry Stein, the music star's lawyer, filed a plea for a temporary restraining order against Mesha Collins, 29.

Drake is seeking a protection order to keep Collins from approaching him and his family within 100 yards. He is concerned about his and his family's safety as a result of Collins' "obsession."

Drake claims Collins sent him threatening emails in court docs acquired by our close sources. She allegedly instructed him last month to “put a bullet in your head now bit**”, in an email.

Collins was arrested for trespassing in 2017 after breaking into the OVO co-founder's Los founder's Angeles home for a soda. He opted not to prosecute her, but his problems with Collins did not end there.

Years later, Collins sued Drake for $4 billion, accusing him of breach of privacy. Despite the fact that the case was dismissed in 2021, she continued to pursue it.

Collins' effort to resurrect the invasion of privacy suit was dismissed by a judge last month. Collins filed her own restraining order against Drake after the second rejection. Her plea was turned down.

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