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Flava Flav Arrested for Domestic Battery!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

William Drayton, also known as Flavor Flav, had committed domestic violence to a woman in Henderson, Nevada earlier this Month.

This incident has added to Flavor Flav's list of crimes he commited.

From a young age, Flavor Flav had been involved with robbery and burglary. As time evolved, he had formed an addiction with drugs which led him to a domestic violence case with his wife. After this incident, roughly two years later, he had been in jail, due to attempted murder. Flavor Flav´s other crimes were traffic violations, which led police to find out he was driving with no registration or a license.

Now, the 62 year old rapper/reality TV star, opened up a new case in nevada. The woman, whose identity has not been released, claims that he grabbed her and threw her on the ground, as well as taking her phone from her.

When TMZ questioned Attorney David Chesnoff about this case, he had said nothing. However, Chesnoff claimed there was more to the story.

No matter what is said in court, this would not be a surprise if Flavor Flav pleads guilty due to his past charges.

When he goes to court, more information and details will be revealed about this case.

This Artist's career is going downhill, due to all of his crimes and addictions. Flavor Flav's music declined the most as the 1990's came about, and this was because of his drug addiction. It seems as if everytime the rapper gets back on track he does something wrong again to fall back.

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