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Henry Ruggs lll Could Face Up To 50 Years In Prison For Fatal DUI Crash!

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in Hip Hop News Henry Ruggs may potentially face up to 50 years in prison. This is the result of his fatal accident.

Ruggs killed Tina Tintor while trying to merge. His alleged speed was 150 mph, and Tina’s car was hit at 127 mph. Tina’s car blew up and she had passed away due to the fire.

Ruggs also injured his girlfriend in the accident which left her with major injuries. He has minor injuries and he is currently in a wheelchair, along with having a neck brace.

After the incident, Ruggs was admitted to the hospital, in which a blood test revealed he was 2 times over the legal alcohol limit.

Ruggs lost his NFL career within a day of the accident.

Ruggs was supposed to appear in court, however he was a no-show, now another hearing will have to take place in December.

The 22 year old has a total of 4 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. The misdemeanor is for possession of a gun while under the influence. His felonies are DUI resulting in death, reckless driving resulting in death, DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm, and reckless driving resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Due to all of these charges Ruggs will face up to 50 years in prison.

Currently Ruggs is under house arrest and has a 150,000 dollar bond.

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