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JayDaYoungan's Death Concerns Police In Bogalusa Who Connects His Death To Ongoing Violence In City!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

As the world came to know of, on Wednesday we succumbed to the tragic death of JayDaYoungan who was slain in one of three gunshots in his hometown of Bogalusa, Louisiana (July 27).

According to authorities, the 24-year-old rapper's killing highlighted the city's persistent concerns with violence.

A second incident happened when Bogalusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen arrived on the scene of the JayDaYoungan shooting.

“It’s sad,” Bullen told WWL. “This is Bogalusa. It’s a small community.”

Minutes before JayDaYoungan's death, an SUV was shot up. A man called Ray McGowan's home was also hit by bullets.

McGowan was watching TV when gunshots rang out, leaving at least five bullet holes in his home. If he had been sleeping at the time, the situation may have been much worse.

“This is where my bed is at,” McGowan said, noting where the bullets struck his home. “It hit my pillow.”

Later that night, another house was shot up. No one was hurt as Bogalusa escaped more tragedy in the aftermath of JayDaYoungan's death.

The chief of police in Bogalusa has stated that all three shootings are linked.

“It appears sometimes a lot of our shootings and things in the young community are on opposite sides of the rappers they follow and support,” Bullen said.

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