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Joe Budden Put In His Place By Swizz Beatz Following Alicia Keys Tweet!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

“Don’t play with my wife” seems to have been the mood lately, and while going as far as a public slap on national television may have been publicly frowned upon, clearly all is fair game on the internet.

On Thursday (May 26), Swizz Beatz hopped onto Twitter to set it straight that coming for his wife Alicia Keys is not the most ideal thing to do after he called out Joe Budden for a tweet regarding Keys’ 2004 performance on the track “Diary”.

A Twitter fan expressed her belief that uncredited vocalist Jermaine Paul "cooked" Alicia Keys on "Diary," and Joe Budden agreed.

Budden wrote “Lowkey lol”.

Swizz Beatz overheard Budden's response and was not pleased. He put a stop to the podcast host's negative attitude toward his wife's successful career.

Beatz swiftly responded with “King Knock it all the way off! Let’s not do this! I never get into your zones! Leave my wife out of everything but greatness! Please ……..”

Joe Budden did not react to Swizzy, but he swiftly removed his tweet amid the exchange out of respect for Keys.

Budden and Swizz have been friends for decades, which should make for a fascinating talk the next time they meet.

Budden has been in the spotlight as of late making headlines following his interviewing of Isaiah Rashad, who addressed his leaked sex tape and stated that he identifies as "sexually fluid”.

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