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Joyner Lucas Stands Up For Kanye West In New "Ye Not Crazy" Single

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, as Kanye West continues to serve as a mix of both controversy and a hot topic for conversation, recently the internet was surprised to hear that amid the “crazy” Ye moments that have been the spotlight for a hot second, American rapper Joyner Lucas jumps to defend Kanye as he released “Ye Not Crazy” single that arrived Thursday (March 31).

Joyner finds a lot of himself in Kanye and understands his situation as an artist who is constantly ridiculed in the spotlight.

Lucas lyricize “How do you spell ‘Crazy’? G-E-N-I-U-S/ How do you spell ‘Pay me?’ IRS/ What you know about mental hеalth when you live in hell and you out of meds/What the fuck is a meltdown, when my meltdown’s on a private jet?

Labels ain’t wanna sign the check/ Then I got on my Ye shit, turned every ‘No’ to a solid ‘Yes,'”.

Kanye isn't insane, according to Joyner, but he might be. Lucas recounts notable events such as Kanye's meltdown on Sway and incorporates Ye masterpieces such as "Touch The Sky" and "Jesus Walks" into his lyrics.

In 2018, Joyner heads to Twitter to give both a recount on his experience with Ye in the studio while also crediting and complimenting his “creative process” when he’s in his “element” which he describes as dope!

Joyner Lucas isn't the only rapper that supports Kanye these days. When the Full Send Podcast asked Rick Ross if he believed Kanye was "losing his mind on the internet," he defended him.

Ross responded “He’s not losing his mind at all. If you felt he was losing his mind now, it would’ve been lost 15 years ago if you felt like that. And I never felt like that, and homie always been a genius. I believe he’s going through his thing with his family.”

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