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K. Michelle Explodes on Fan After Posting About Nearly Having Twins 5 Years Ago

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, after what was thought to be an uplifting exchange between two people, K. Michelle is reportedly viewed exploding on a fan via Twitter following a comment Michelle made of her potentially having twins 5 years ago.

K. Michelle’s transparency of events in her life, her past, and musical journey, is no surprise to us for she’s released many stories to the public about her private life. Thanks to her visibility on reality tv stints like Love & Hip Hop as well as her spin-off series, K’s lets us in what she deems appropriate for her audience to hear and learn about her.

However, transparency often opens up the doors of criticism & wrongfully understood comments which this recent situation with a fan can be seen as.

K Michelle recently took to social media reflecting on her past desire to have children.

“I could've had twins 5 years ago but I thought I had money and selfishly want ONLY GIRLS," she wrote. "Two girls so after 200,000 later I just realized that all I wanted was my grandfather 2b n their lives like he was in Chase's life. I f-cked up yall. I could've just had the babies."

A fan responded with what they thought to be a word of encouragement in the singer’s reflection by tweeting “Cmon,K, u been thru darker storms, & always came thru shining..put on ur big girl thongs babe. [flexing arm emoji],".

Apparently, K wasn’t feeling it and responded with “Go to hell”. The person was confused and rebutted “Huh? Wow, I’m supporting you k”.

There was controversy surrounding if Michelle was justified in her response or if it was too impulsive to say to a supporting fan. All in all, the power of mistook words is powerfully visible here.

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