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Kanye West Officially Announces 2024 Presidential Bid!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

In a series of weird #Ye24 videos posted on Twitter, Kanye West formally declared his intention to run for president.

The creator of Yeezy uploaded campaign videos on Elon Musk's Twitter only a few days after meeting Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump was most upset when Kanye asked him to serve as his vice president, according to Kanye. “I think that was, like, lower on the list of things that caught him off guard.”

It was his claim that he "walked in with intelligence" that ultimately confused Trump.

Nick Fuentes, a prominent member of the alt-right, was praised by Ye for his commitment.

Then, after delivering a "mob-esque story," he went into detail about some sexual remarks that Trump had made against Kim Kardashian.

“He goes into this story about all that he went through to get Alice Johnson out of jail and how he didn’t do it for Kim but he did it for me,” he explained. “Then he goes onto say that Kim is a [redacted] and you could tell her I said that. And I was thinking, like, ‘That’s the mother of my children.'”

Ye continued by saying that he is requesting that Donnie "hold all policies to the bible" on behalf of Trump backers.

Ye revealed that Trump raged at him during their discussion about his presidential campaign, so it appears that things did not go as planned.

“When Trump started basically screaming at me at the table yelling at me, telling me I was going to lose, I mean, has that worked for anyone in history?” He queried. “I’m like, ‘Hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, Trump. You’re talking to Ye.'” Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1's instrumental closes off the clip.

Another campaign video features numerous news snippets analyzing the current Ye-related controversies. In the video, Tucker Carlson also makes an appearance.

On his #Ye24 campaign, Kanye West is presently collaborating with Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos. We'll have to wait and watch how Ye's situation plays out, but it seems likely that Trump will soon provide a statement in the media.

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