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Kanye West Officially Changes His Name To “YE”

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written By: Kaylee Samuels

Kayne West, the 44 year old is a rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer. West is known for his songs as well as his long lasting relationship with Kim Kardashian. West had first started to gain recognition for his work as early 2000´s came about.

When most people hear the name Kanye West, they know who it is. After years of West being in the spotlight and adding titles to his name, why would he want to change it now?

Well, according to West, ¨Who or what is Kanye with no ego? Just Ye.¨ And according to the bible, Ye means you and this may indicate West feels like he is in it by himself.

West had also tweeted ¨The being formally known as Kanye West, I am Ye¨ These statements by West are dated back to 2018.

It is safe to say, West´s decision has been set for a while, and wanting to change his name did not happen overnight.

West had filed to change his name in August and has been waiting for approval since then.

October 18th, West had sat before a judge and was approved to go by ¨Ye¨. West does not want a First, Middle or Last name, just Ye.

Though the reason for West doing this is not not fully revealed, he does say ¨So its, Im you, Im us, Its us¨ Then goes on to say how Ye reflects on everything such as good, bad and confused.

West, the artist now known as Ye, will share more details on exactly why he changed his name as time evolves.

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