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Kevin Hart Responds After Former Friend JT Jackson Was Cleared In 2017 Sex Tape Extortion Case

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written By: Sean Taylor 21 The dark cloud hanging over Kevin Hart's head is finally clear now thanks to a Judge in Las Vegas. Harts former best friend JT Jackson was cleared of criminal wrongdoing in a multi-million dollar extortion case which occurred back in 2017. Kevin Hart had believed that JT Jackson extorted him over a video recording which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jackson was hit with four charges including attempted extortion, attempted concealing and selling stolen property and unauthorized use of a personal ID along with identity theft. The first three charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence back in 2019 and now just recently the final charge for identity theft has also been dropped. Kevin Hart says he's putting the whole mess behind him and moving on. Hart also hopes that JT Jackson can do the same.

Kevin took to IG today to share his thoughts and responded to the judgement of JT Jackson’s case. Hart stated..

“One of those things that I had to adjust from was the situation that involved the friend Jonathan JT Jackson where he was charged in the case. And JT Jackson has recently been found not guilty and those charges have been dropped against him. And I can finally speak on what I once couldn’t. I couldn't do it. Because the legal process, you know, they kind of put a fork in the road between he and I and our relationship was lost. But I'm glad that now not only can I finally speak on it, but I can say, I'm happy that that chapter in my life is over. I'm happy that we're able to put a period on that sentence and I'm excited to get back to life as we once knew it. I want to get back to life as I once knew it and put that behind me And move on. This message is about moving on. It's over. It's over. And I'm happy that it’s over. Live, love and laugh. Its that simple.”

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