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Kid Cudi's "Entergalactic", A Smooth Blending Of Music & Film!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, we excitedly talk of some incredible artistry dropped by Kid Cudi which acts as a album and Netflix film called “Entergalactic”

Cudi's most recent album, Entergalactic, is a perfectly smooth blending of Cudi's aspirations to conquer film and television, a visual album released in tandem with an animated Netflix feature of the same name.

The film, a low-key romantic comedy, stars Cudi as an aspiring cartoonist alongside best buddy Timothée Chalamet and love interest Jessica Williams, and the album reflects the film's low stakes and happy, lovelorn mood.

It's strange that a project spawned by Cudi's wish to abandon recording has some of his most genuinely delightful music in a decade.

Beyond its unshowy but utterly gorgeous production, one of the most delightful shocks on Entergalactic is that Cudi is finally writing outside of himself.

He frees himself from his drab existence by singing from the perspective of his rom-com alter ego. On "New Mode," he foreshadows the change: "Finally got my head right, it's a new me." On "Angel" and "Ignite the Love," he seems captivated.

"Can't Shake Her," one of two R&B-slickened Ty Dolla $ign collaborations, with the delicate touch of 6LACK's most natural work.

Entergalactic is an odd addition to Cudi's catalog, a little statement from a rapper who is known for making large, meaningless ones. It does not sulk. It is not enraged. It simply lingers in a wonderful way. It's the easy hang that Cudi normally tries so hard to avoid.

This is also not a portrayal.

Kid Cudi's Jabari does not have completely formed motivations or undergo significant growth. Meadow, played by Jessica Williams, does not share his feelings. Williams and Mescudi both deliver excellent performances, as do their supporting cast members, who include humorous moments by unexpected voices such as Macaulay Culkin as Downtown Pat, who shares his (lack of) love advice with Jabari, Jimmy (Timothée Chalamet), and Jordan (Jaden Smith).

However, as entertaining as these characters are, they exist more as vibes than as persons.

And "Entergalactic" really works on a mood level.

It's not a movie or a TV program, but it's more than just an extended music video. It's an experimental form that employs storyline and characters to create a collage of multisensory art.

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