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Kodak Black Dragged For Letting A Woman Twerk On His Young Son!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Khalif Thompson

For as long as we’ve known, Kodak’s internet behavior has been under the public eye for quite a while now. From him awkwardly kissing his mother on the mouth coupled with him grabbing her butt which went viral, critics have had a lot to say with what he decides to make public on social media.

Now, the media is questioning his parenting style after a photo of his son being twerked on by an adult woman and Kodak encouraging it goes viral.

On Thursday, (December 23, 2021), a photo that Kodak posted to his Instagram showed him encouraging a grown woman to twerk on his 7 year old. The child had a huge smile on his face as Kodak encouraged him to smack the rear of an adult woman twerking on him.

The photo blew up when The Neighborhood Talk posted the photo on their Instagram page with the caption “Looks like Kodak is giving his soon the Boosie treatment”. One individual wrote in the comments “Yall need to stop taking the innocence out of kids so early?”.

If you remember the story correctly, Boosie allowed for oral sex to occur to his son and nephews which the internet didn’t take lightly and the story went viral when Boosie admitted to it. The media is placing Kodak’s situation in the same bracket.

Was the photo just a regular fatherly loving photo or did Kodak take it too far? Tell us what you think!

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