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Kodak Claps Back At Critics Who Question His Behavior With His Mom

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Kodak was dancing with his mother, when he made the attempt to grab her butt. This clip had been taken at John Wicks' birthday party. He then made a comment that he did that because, ¨I treat my mama like a lady,¨ then he went on to say ¨I make her feel real beautiful.¨

When Kodak tried to explain that to his fans on social media, they did not act as he wanted them to. Since this is not anything new, and Kodak has allegedly grabbed his mothers butt previously, fans do not know how to feel.

Fans have called Kodak many names and said things such as, he's a ¨weirdo¨ and he is ¨sick.¨

He then goes on to say ¨ I don't F*** my mama, We ain't doin´ no crazy S***. I grab her, like I make her feel real beautiful. I remind my mama, You beautiful, Im F***** up bout you ma, I'm in love with you.¨

When he says this, the public was putting everything together and creating theories as if he looks at his mom as more than that.

Which makes this story more awkward is when he was seen dancing with her, It looked as if he was trying to kiss her on the lips, but she played it off by laughing.

It's already known Kodak does not see a problem with age difference or family relation. He makes this clear when he shares how his father left him at a young age in order to be with his goddaughter. Kodak also says he doesn't judge anyone.

Now Kodak is waiting till this passes by, and comments die down.

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