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Larry Hoover Jr Shares His Thoughts On Young Dolph’s Murder

Written By: L’Raine MM

Today in Hip Hop News, Larry Hoover Jr expresses his feelings on the tragedy of Young Dolph’s death. Hoover Jr is the son of co-founder and gang leader of Chicago’s street gang Gangster Disciples.

In an interview with Murder Master music Show, Hoover Jr expressed on Dolph’s death, “We don’t need any of that to happen. Not from entertainers, not from young men in the streets.” Larry Hoover Jr continued, “He stands out in the community. He made it.” There’s no reason for him to be murdered in the streets. He’s the one that could help bring people from his community out the streets. We shouldn’t be taking the guy out of our community that could help our community. That’s like what they did with my father. He would be considered a leader in his community because he made it to a certain point.” He went on to say, “Our own people took him out the Community. That wasn’t who took my father out the community but it’s the same difference. Like, those guys should be there to make changes. They shouldn’t be dying over street beef, music beef or whatever it is. We should love them and they should just give the love back.”

Hoover Jr also mentioned, “These guys should be superstars we can love and look up to.”

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