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Latto Channels Her Inner Mariah Carey For Halloween!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

The young artist, Latto, age 22, has come out with a ton of hit songs since she first hit the stage in 2016. She is looked up to by many people and she continues to do what she is passionate about.

Latto gained a lot of attention when she posted her Halloween costume on Instagram on October 29th.

Latto decided to dress up as Mariah Carey. She chose the look from Mariah’s 1999, rainbow album.

This album was a huge hit from Mariah, so when she took to social media to post her costume, people already knew who she gained her inspiration from.

In the image Latto posted on Instagram, it showed her in a white tank top that was cropped, as well as white underwear. In the background a rainbow was shown behind her, which lined up perfectly with the rainbow across her shirt.

In Latto’s Instagram caption said “Lattoween @mariahcarey”

It is amazing to see how artists look up to other artists. Not only did Latto look stunning, but she also showcased the meaning that you don’t have to carry so much pride when you are a popular artist.

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