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Luenell Doesn't Hold Back Her Opinion On TI's Stand Up Transition

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, we bring you the iconic interview of famous comedian Luenell Campbell who expressively relays her thoughts and comments on rapper and comedic actor, T.I. 's, new passion for stand up comedy and recent performances.

In this interview, brought to you exclusively by the HHU Podcast and Viral Hip Hop News, we were able to get our viewers primary and first hand words from one of the greatest comedians in the comedy industry.

Not only giving her thoughts on TI’s recent passion for stand up, but also her personal advice of fresh comedians transitioning in the profession of comedy.

When asked how she feels about his recent performances and hearing the positive feedback it’s been receiving, Campbell mentions how much it’s a “touchy subject” for her because she’s spoken with and have had conversations with close friends like T.I. and Nene Leakes who’d also like to transition from “comedic acting” to stand up.

She openly gives props to social media comedians who have great talent in comedic acting, but also expresses that the journey isn’t so smooth.

Luenell explains she never automatically believes the opinions of other people on something that she hasn’t heard or seen for herself, so until she’s experienced a stand up comedy performance from T.I himself, she’ll remain neutral on how she feels.

Nonetheless, she supports T.I wholeheartedly, but again strives to make it abundantly clear that the passage isn’t easy.

“I know for most of us, we had to climb a long.. trek a long long road to get to the position of where we are”, she said to Viral Hip Hop News interviewers Sam Ant and O’God.

Campbell very clearly then breaks down hers, and other famous comedians, including Bill Bellamy, Jamie Foxx, and Tommy Davidson's’, processes & starting points in the comedy industry when there was no “money”, “television, “or even a Def Jam”.

She highlights this to merely emphasize that being successful in the music industry in the comedy industry is a long and tedious journey. While it is often undermined and is seen as the “only genre that everybody thinks they can do '', invested work, time, and energy are needed to get to where she reigns in the industry.

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