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Making a Dream Come True

What is Viral Hip Hop News and where did it get its start? It started as an idea about how to get the current Hip Hop news out. Viral Hip Hop News was born when SamAnt learned how to create his own platform for delivering the news.

A Desire for a Better Life

SamAnt had the desire to make a better life for himself and his young two-year old son. He realized there was nothing exciting about living in “South Jersey”. When he got the opportunity to go to Los Angeles, he took it. It took three days to get to southern California; when he arrived it was nothing like he anticipated.

Life in Los Angeles was a learning experience, SamAnt slept in cars, was homeless, and literally asking his parents for food money. He eventually returned to his home in South Jersey because he was missing a valuable part of himself--his son. It was extremely humbling returning home, to a job he hated and a relationship he was unsure of. But, he took his experience in L.A. to heart and used this to help him grow. He states the secret to success is staying focused on a dream and believing in yourself. If you do this, you can achieve anything.

What He Does At Viral Hip Hop News

SamAnt created Hip Hop News and is the CEO and editor. The news he delivers comes from his media platform called DLS Media. The significance of DLS Media is that it is the abbreviation of his last name--DeLosSantos.

He started working in a nightclub doing security for high-profile people. He learned while doing this job that celebrities are just like anyone else.

While working in the nightclub he spent every moment making videos for his new business. He would be listening to the outside security while in the backroom recording videos.

In 2017, he left the nightclub for good and started Viral Hip Hop news full-time. Stating that he knew the business had to be a success, no matter what he had to do. Comparing the birth of his son to the business. When he first looked into his son’s eyes, all he could think was how to make this boy’s life the best one possible. He wanted the same for his business. Creating a new business is something that comes from the heart and needs to be nurtured, just as a newborn baby does.

A Breakdown of Three Platforms

When SamAnt delivers you the most current news stories he actually is doing it on one three platforms. You can listen to the three channels he has broken down as he is telling the latest news in hip hop.

The Goals for Hip Hop News

SamAnt is in a relentless pursuit to achieve his goals. He wants to have Viral Hip Hop News be one of the Top 100 Websites and have at least a million subscribers by year's end. He knows it is a long road to go but is up for the challenge.

You can help SamAnt achieve his goals by subscribing to Viral Hip Hop News and listening to his news platform.

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