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Marc Lamont Speaks About Kanye’s Unbelievable Behavior Towards Kim Kardashian!

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news Marc Lamont shares his opinions on Kanye’s unbelievable behaviors towards Kim Kardashian.

As many know, Kim and Ye are going through a divorce.

Kim is coping very well as she just wants to do what’s best for her and her kids. Kanye, on the other hand, is handling this not so well.

Within the last month Kanye has been acting out, sharing his messages with Kim without her consent, posting their business on Instagram, and taking things to the extreme.

Kim even asked Kanye in one of the messages he posted if he has to tell their business to social media.

Kanye recently started throwing shots at Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Since this scenario, Marc Lamont had something to say.

He said, “Kanye West is a stalker. At this stage, he has officially entered stalkerville. What he’s doing is unseemly, it’s disgusting, it’s disturbing, it’s indefensible, it’s unacceptable.”

Many people agreed. Lamont then went on to tell people that this is not how he should fix his relationship with Kim.

Everyone has since looked at Kanye as if something is mentally wrong with him. People have been concerned for Kanye and suggest he seeks help.

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