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Mariah The Scientist Facing Media Backlash After Prison Themed Photo Shoot For Magazine Cover!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, this week, Mariah the Scientist experienced blowback when her Galore Magazine cover stirred a discussion on social media.

Many criticized the R&B singer for creating a baby mama image while not having any children of her own as she seemed to hold a baby while chatting to an inmate via glass.

Shortly after it was published, the 25-year-magazine old's shoot, with the premise of Mariah visiting someone in jail or prison, went viral. Rapper Young Thug, who is now detained and accused of federal RICO, is romantically tied to her.

“Mariah the Scientist makes it so hard to defend her because why are you acting like a jailbird baby momma and who baby is that.”, one Twitter user said while lambasting Mariah over the pictures.

“Mariah the Scientist cosplaying as a babymom who’s baby dad is in jail is so fucking weird. Then she holding her shirt up showing her titties like what is going awn????”, commented one user who was perplexed at the direction of the pictures.

Mariah tweeted Tuesday afternoon, "Everything I do get y'all tight, hate that for you," appearing to be in response to the criticism.

Mariah updated fans on what's in store for her in the next year in the following interview with Galore.

The Atlanta native said, "Well, I want to put out another single before the year is over with, and then I wanna do maybe one more in the new year and I want to put a project out". She also expressed her desire to go on tour once more.

What do you think of Mariah's much debated picture shoot? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

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