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Mexican Authorities Make Arrest In Shanquella Robinson Case!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, Authorities state that an anonymous American lady has been accused of killing Shanquella Robinson by the Mexican government.

The woman, who unfortunately passed away on Saturday, October 29, was probably one of the individuals that went on the vacation to the state of Baja California Sur.

On November 24, according to KHOU 11, Mexican prosecutors brought in their suspect and were reportedly negotiating with American officials to attempt to get her deported to Mexico so that she could be charged.

At the time of her death, Robinson was having fun with several pals at a San Jose del Cabo resort. Initially, it was claimed that the girl had alcohol or food poisoning.

Days after her passing, a video of a confrontation between Robinson and another guest with whom she was traveling went viral, sparking questions about possible femicide.

On social media platforms, the video has been reshared several times. May you at least fight back? can be heard being said by a man with an American accent. The man didn't seem to step in to stop the pounding.

The case is being investigated as potentially being a homicide, according to the local prosecutor Antonio López Rodrguez, who has filed an arrest warrant for the suspect.

Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, the state's attorney, declined to specify who the suspect was but did mention that he was American.

While there are several explanations on why she passed away. None of the witnesses' accounts of what happened truly match what the autopsy revealed about the woman's serious spinal cord or neck injuries.

This story is unfolding.

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