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Mia Jaye Composes Sincere Letter To Her Late Fiancé Young Dolph On His Birthday!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

The music industry is still grieving from the tragic loss of rapper Young Dolph to gun violence. Memphis rappers and others continue to channel his spirit in a number of ways.

Now, on what would have been Dolph's 37th birthday, arguably the closest person is remembering him.

Mia Jaye, Dolph's fiancée, shared an Instagram video of herself with the late rapper. Dolph kisses her on the cheek while she puts her head on his chest in the footage.

Jaye added in the caption, "Happy heavenly birthday my love," with an infinity emoji and a blue heart. She also shared a note to Dolph, coupled with pictures.

Mia Jaye and Dolph started dating 10 years ago in Memphis, the rapper's hometown.

Tre, their first kid, was born two years later, and he is now eight years old.

Ari, their daughter, was born in 2017. Jaye has been an outspoken opponent of gun violence since the loss of her fiancé.

She spoke at the White House commemoration of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act earlier this month.

The following is Jaye's letter to Dolph:

Dear Adolph,

This is the year that our favorite numbers come together. Three and seven. This is also the first year we don't have the opportunity to celebrate you together. Over the past eight months, life has been strange. Our beautiful family is blemished and myself, Tre and Ari can't go a day without reminiscing how beautiful life was with you. Ari tells everyone how amazing her dad was and how much he loved his chocolate baby.

'Daddy, I love you. Make sure you have a great birthday. Love, your chocolate baby.'

Tre is coming into that special young man you always spoke that he'd become. He admires you in every way and most days, I feel like he is the reincarnated version of you.

'Dad, thank you for having me as a son. I try to do my best to be a good brother. Amen.'

As for me, the load is so heavy. I miss everything about us and all that we shared. I often wish I could turn back time or do anything to still have you in the flesh, but I push past all the heavy and emotional thoughts and just focus on all the many ways I can honor, acknowledge and make you proud.

I love you even after the end of time and I thank you for allowing me to experience a genuine soul-tied love for as long as we did. Happy heavenly birthday, my love.


Watch the video that corresponds with Jaye's video below.

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