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Mutulu Shakur, Tupac's Stepdad, Freed From Prison To Spend Final Days With Family & Friends!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News we rejoice with exciting news which is that Mutulu Shakur, Tupac Shakur's stepfather, will be freed on parole on December 16 after serving more than 35 years in jail. He will spend his final days with family and friends.

According to court records acquired by NBC News, the US Parole Commission authorized a plea to release Shakur, a 72-year-old activist and holistic health care advocate, in October. On Thursday, the decision to grant parole was made public.

Shakur has a number of health difficulties, the most serious of which being stage-3 multiple myeloma, a blood malignancy that can harm the bones and kidneys. He is being kept at a federal medical center in Lexington, a Kentucky jail for inmates who require medical attention.

"There are a lot of tears of joy," said Jomo Muhammad, an organizer/activist with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement who has been campaigning to release Shakur. “There’s still disbelief because we were steadying ourselves for another denial. Now folks are excited about being able to reunite Mutulu with his family. We were crying together. It’s a long time overdue.”

Shakur has been jailed for decades as a result of a 1988 conviction for leading a gang of revolutionaries in a series of violent robberies in New York and Connecticut, one of which resulted in the death of three persons. His supporters consider him a "political prisoner," claiming that authorities wished to punish him for his activity.

Photo Credits: Jim Hughes / NY Daily News via Getty Images file Activists have lobbied for Shakur's compassionate release, pushing authorities to let him spend his dying days with his family rather than in a Kentucky medical prison. Shakur has lost significant weight as a result of his illnesses and treatments, has had Covid at least twice, and has relied on IV feeding tubes on and off since May, according to his attorney, Brad Thomson. Thomson stated that doctors with the Federal Bureau of Prisons gave Shakur fewer than six months to live in May, citing the fact that his cancer therapy had failed.

Shakur will be monitored for up to four months after being granted parole. Muhammad expressed gratitude that Shakur is still alive, and that his fans and family are striving to ensure that he receives the finest medical treatment possible.

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