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New Wife Of Kanye West Dyes Hair New Color To Not Be Compared To Kim K!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

It seems that Kanye West's new wife, Bianca Censori, who has been compared to his ex-wife Kim Kardahsian, colored her hair so that people wouldn't notice the similarity.

According to psychotherapist Jade Thomas, her relationship with the Praise God hitmaker is starting over with the fresh look of the Yeezy designer.

She did, however, add that Censori could have changed because she felt unworthy after constantly being compared to a reality TV megastar.

Following their covert wedding, Censori made her blonde hair debut when she was photographed dining with West, who is now known as Ye.

Thomas said in a statement to The Sun:

“I can imagine it has been very difficult for Bianca to be compared to her new partner's ex-wife,” Thomas told the outlet.

“This comparison could lead to feelings of worthlessness and sets unrealistic expectations of her new relationship.

“Furthermore, this constant comparison could lead to thoughts of, is my partner only with me because of my appearance?

“Or thoughts of, would my partner still like me if I look different?” the expert added. “Perhaps this dramatic hair change for Bianca could be a way of turning a new page in her life or relationship.”

Thomas suggested, “It could also be a way for her to break away from the comparison of her new partner's ex-wife,”

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