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NYPD Arrests 20 People After Observing Drill Videos!

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news, drill music videos were the cause of 20 arrests by the NYPD, would you ever guess?

The NYPD decided to study the music videos and crack new codes. In the last 3 years, there were over 30 violent actions which had taken place.

After the police watched the drill videos, they were able to gather evidence on locations, weapons, and the time of days of when these incidents could have taken place.

The police gathered enough evidence to find 18 guns that were used in violent incidents.

The Bronx Clark had said, “The defendants allegedly committed multiple shootings, some in broad daylight, killing two people and injuring forocent bystanders.”

Lee Drilly x E-Wuu’s video for “BET” is one of the many drill videos that shows off the crimes they did. This video was believed to harm citizens in that area as they ran away.

A 16-year old boy showed a preview of his song called, “Blu Bop”. This song showed the young boy lifting his shirt up to show off a gun that was tucked in his pants. As he lifted his shirt he said, “come get me” as if he were mocking people looking for him.

After he lifts his shirt he gets in the car with someone who is an “alleged” killer.

There are many more incidents than these two, as the police department made over 20 arrests.

These music videos are showing off plenty of crimes that the police department’s have been trying to solve for months.

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