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OTF Doodie Lo Responds To The SICK Allegations Involving Ex-girlfriends Son

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

On Wednesday, October 27th, FTN Bae, Doodie Lo’s former girlfriend, took to Instagram to claim her son was sexually assaulted by Doodie Lo.

FTN Bae says, ““For the last 2 months my son was pooping in his pants it was so bad I had to put diapers back on him. October 1st my son finally told me what had happened to him. I’m thankful to God because a lot of kids DONT speak up because they were scared just like my son. I have been dealing with this for almost a month and its been the hardest thing I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO IN MY LIFE & I WILL NOT remain quit for one more second.”

She goes on to say this incident happened on August 6th, while she was at a show in Orlando. She also claims that Doodie Lo shoved three screws in her son's anus. She goes on to call him a “SICK man”

While FTN Bae reports all of these things, she posts an additional recording. In the recording, she is talking to her son to try and get information out of the three year old.

In the recording, she asks her child what happened, the little boy says Doodie Lo is the cause of him being upset and explains how he put screws in his anus while he was at the house.

After the mother, FTN Bae, leaks all of this information, Doodie Lo claps back.

Doodie Lo says, “I was gone wait to post this but this lady is playing with my name assassinating my character accusing me of committing a crime against a child that is FALSE!

I got 4 daughters that love me and would never harm a child in any way. She is clearly Sick And NEED help!!! This girl is pressed and y’all believe anything.”

He then talks about how that is the sixth recording she took, and she is grooming her child to say that.

Doodie Lo posts the original video, which sounds nothing like the video FTN Bae posted on Instagram.

Doodie Lo and his lawyer went on Instagram to say how it is unfair for people to accuse him of doing these things without fully knowing and understanding the situation.

As of right now, Doodie Lo has not been charged with anything, though the case is fairly new.

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