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Parents of Michigan School Shooter Charged With Manslaughter!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news Ethan Crumbley’s parents are charged with involuntary murder.

Earlier this week, Ethan, the son of James and Jennifer Crumbley, had shot 7 students and one teacher. After he had fired at the 8 victims, he surrendered.

4 of the students unfortunately passed away from the shooting, which took place at Oxford High School.

The parents are charged with four counts of murder, due to the fact they had bought their 15 year old son a handgun. The two parents had also disregarded the signs of Ethan’s intentions after they had a meeting with the school about one of Ethan’s drawings. The drawing had shown people bleeding due to gun wounds, with words that quoted “help me”.

Ethan was charged as an adult, and his parents were charged because they could have stopped it considering how they knew about his thoughts and gave him access to the deadly weapon.

Both parents had fleeded from the area in which they claimed it was for their own safety. The parents have still not returned and people put out wanted posters for the couple with a 10,000 dollar reward.

The two parents are believed to have left because they are guilty, and they do not want to face time in prison.

As more information comes out, social media actions were taken when it came to Ethan receiving the gun as an early Christmas present. The mother, Jennifer, had made a public post which said “testing out his new Christmas present”.

Ethan could potentially be facing life in prison, and as for the parents, it is unknown for how much time they will be facing.

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