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Pastor Mike Todd Accepts Responsibility For His Disgusting Spit Sermon

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Khalif Thompson

After spreading his spit over his brother's face during a sermon, Oklahoma pastor Mike Todd has sparked outrage on the Internet. Todd has apologized for his behavior after receiving widespread condemnation.

“I just want to acknowledge what happened yesterday when the spit hit the fan,” Todd stated. “I watched it back and it was disgusting.”

He added, “We want people to see Jesus. We want people to feel loved. We want people who are desperate to be able to find hope and I am passionate — so much so that I try to do extreme things to help people get it. And yesterday it crossed the line.”

In case you missed it, Todd, the pastor of Tulsa's Transformation Church, is trending on social media after spitting in his brother's face during a sermon.

Todd spat in his palm twice before smearing it over his brother's face while speaking on the subject of "Receiving a vision from God may turn nasty." Members of his congregation can be heard gasping and upset as the incident unfolds in the footage.

“And this is where most people would not face Jesus anymore,” Todd said before the moment. “What most people would do would [be to] turn away.”

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