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Rapper T.I Booed On Brooklyn Stage During His Recent Stand Up Comedic Performance !

Written by: Khalif Thompson

For all our true Hip Hop News fans and supporters, during mid February we covered an exclusive interview brought to you exclusively by the HHU Podcast and Viral Hip Hop News, we were able to get our viewers primary and first hand words from one of the greatest comedians in the comedy industry, Luenell Campbell.

Luenell not only gave her thoughts on TI’s “recent passion for stand up”, but also her personal advice of fresh comedians transitioning in the profession of comedy.

When told by fans and close sources that T.I’s recent transition into stand up was going extremely above and beyond, Luenell explained she never automatically believes the opinions of other people on something that she hasn’t heard or seen for herself, so until she’s experienced a stand up comedy performance from T.I himself, she’ll remain neutral on how she feels.

Ironically, that didn’t age well as recently T.I was publicly humiliated and booed during his stand up comedy session, just tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Most fans may remember how Luenell commented that “every comedic actor is not a STAND UP COMEDIAN”. This was almost directly related to T.I’s performance for many fans took the comments expressing how they felt about it.

One comment under the Shaderoom’s latest post of this moment read “He needs to stick to rapping (laughing emoji)”.

Another read “He needs a writer lol… he probably don’t realize even the greatest comedians of all time had writers”.

In the heat of the comments, other celebrities took a stand to defend Tip. Tank, pinned for his comment, voiced “Those kinds of crowds wanna hear you do what they know you for. He has to build a set that involves his music and comedy.. He’ll be fine. Speaking from experience..”.

How do you guys feel about his performance? Was the booing justified or do you guys think NYC is just a tough crowd to work with ? Let us know in the comments below!

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