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Raymond & Deelishis Santana Reportedly Announced Their Divorce: He Suffers From Childhood Trauma

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today In Hip Hop News, we report to you the sad ending of a once praised marriage, the separation and publicly announced divorce of one of the Central Park Five men, Raymond Santana, and Deelishis Santana.

Deelishis is back with more only one day after she accused her husband of being a "narcissist" and a "cheat." In 2019, she announced her engagement to Raymond Santana, a member of the "Central Park Five" or "Exonerated Five."

It was the first time the general public saw Santana in a relationship since his release from jail in 1989, when he was wrongfully accused of a horrific rape against a white lady.

Deelishis and Santana married six months after he proposed, and they appeared to be living happily ever after with adorable viral videos, but things abruptly came to a halt after they stopped following each other on Instagram.

Deelishis returned with a stinging statement about her ex being a liar yesterday (March 1), and the Flavor of Love star was back with more on her broken marriage yesterday (March 2). She shared a supportive message she got and claimed Santana abandoned her and her children.

In a caption, Deelishis expressed “I never wanna be understood but this isn't just happening to me," she wrote. "I pray for all women & children who suffer from not understanding how to help themselves or their love one who suffers from childhood trauma".

"I didnt leave him. I stuck it out," Deelishis continued. "He left us". Reports have stated that the couple has filed for divorce.

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