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Remy Ma Jump Starts All-Women Battle Rap League: Chrome 23!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Khalif Thompson

As we continue to surge through mainstream music artist talent, it seems that women are about to receive popular battle rap visibility thanks to Remy Ma. The New York rapper revealed that she’s launching Chrome 23, an all-women's battle rap league that’ll feature other artists like Ms Hustle, Jaz The Rapper, etc.

According to sources, in a recent interview with OTFMZ Battle Rap Media, Remy highlighted the importance of “providing an avenue for women in the battling community”.

“I just want all the women that have ever put their blood sweat and tears into this, and that’s been doing this for years to get a chance to really make some decent money.”

Remy also makes clear that any negative remarks or feelings that she’s trying to take someone’s spot or “step on anyone’s shoes” can put their money where their mouth is by donating to the cause since it’s also been revealed that Remy is funding this battle rap league completely from her own pockets.

This goes to show how optimistic and driven is to successfully launching this league in February 2022. The rapper also says that the men she’s spoken to express great support for this endeavor and that they’ll be invited sometimes to the events.

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