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Rick Ross Clears The Air On Beefing With Meek Mill!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news Rick Ross says that Mell Mill and him don’t have beef while he was being interviewed on the Morning Hustle Radio Show.

Many people assumed that Ross and Meek Mill were not cool due to the fact that in May Akademiks started a rumor that Meek and Ross were in a feud after the Dream Chasers boss blocked his label head from entering his birthday party. The rumor has continued to spread, however the story’s created by fans get worse.

Money was a huge factor in this because the world was thinking Meek assumed Ross was making more than him. When it comes to money, anyone would be mad.

In Ross’s interview he said, "I'ma be honest, when Meek taking a jab at anybody, the only way I can assume is he's doing that at Atlantic Records. All we ever did was get paper and it's real easy to say a n***a name. Ain't nothing to you feel me? I know what it is when me and Meek always got money. He a boss now. We done been down ten years. Is he signed to Maybach Music? Yes, he is. But he's also a boss and real bosses give other bosses opportunities to become bigger bosses. Go, man. Go buy the biggest shit in Dubai, man. Let's go be billionaires. And if I'm only gonna get $7 billion and you get $20 billion, God is great! That's all it is. Is it any pressure? It ain't no pressure. And always remember, it's real easy to make it clear when it's pressure."

Ross shows through his words that he only wants to see Meek do good for himself.

Ross also makes the claim that Meek's beef is with Atlantic Records and not with him.

Meek has yet to open up about this situation, but Ross says there is no animosity between the two. Ross simply claims that real bosses want to see other bosses succeed.

Despite what social media puts together, it seems like the two artists have a good idea on where they stand with one another’s

It’s amazing to see that some artists don’t only care about money, fame and success. Ross expresses a character that shows kindness, and it comes out when he says he wants Meek to succeed.

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