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Rico Nasty Bashes Artist Who Requests Photo Credit On Her Recent Tweet

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, a few folks are baffled by Rico Nasty's approach to crediting musicians.

Following her harassment on Playboi Carti's recent tour, the rapper recently called out one guy for claiming credit for artwork she shared on her Instagram Story.

On Wednesday (February 9), the artist, @nameisboytoy, re-shared the photograph Rico shot on Twitter, along with a sarcastic comment.

With the caption “no credit let’s goooo <3”, the artist rapidly spread across the Twitter platform given it’s such sarcasm to point out that Rico Nasty is posting his artwork and hasn’t given him credit for.

Rico took to social media in response to the post and following fan reaction to explain her opinions on giving credit to artists when their work is reposted.

“So if you see something that you like on Twitter, and you screenshot it, you’re supposed to post the artist?” she asked. “Y’all make these politics for reposting shit and it’s so fuckin’ stupid. If I see something, and I fuckin’ liked it, then I’m gonna repost that. I don’t have to tag anybody. This is ridiculous.

She continues “Y’all need to shut the fuck up. Y’all invade my whole privacy over here, but I can’t even post something that I fuckin’ like and you’re taking it to heart like, ‘Damn no credit?’ Girl, here’s your credit, here’s your 15 minutes of fame, the picture was cute, you’re a great artist, but you’re a shitty fuckin’ person.”

Providing credit to artists is comparable to giving credit to photographers for photographs shared on social media.

Photographers have famously sued celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez for what they called "unauthorized" exploitation of their work, despite the celebrity being the focus.

Tagging an artist in a photo can raise notice of their work and portfolio at the same time.

A very controversial topic, yet one Viral Hip Hop News is known for stirring up for our viewers! Comment below what you think on this?

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