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Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles Continues Business Despite Tragic Recent Death of PnB Rock!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, community leaders are urging people to focus on Roscoe's Chicken & Waffle's legacy as a restaurant rather than the tragic murder of PnB Rock that occurred there, as they continue business as usual.

Although Philadelphia artist PnB Rock just passed away, his death has placed a darkness over Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, a popular Los Angeles institution whose reputation was built through years of Hip-Hop celebration and promotion.

In order to memorialize the star's death without undermining the years in which it brought people together, community stakeholders are now pleading with residents to look past the tragic murder at its Machester Avenue and Main Street site.

According to CBS News, councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson remarked:

“We are disgusted by it and we wanted to demonstrate that we’re not gonna stand for it. We want to say we’re gonna show up to Roscoe’s. Roscoe’s is our neighborhood restaurant, it's our community institution.”

Others showed there to show their support for the restaurant, which has been open for more than 30 years, with the common objective of preventing the shooting from damaging the company's brand.

A brand spokesperson expressed gratitude on behalf of the company, stating that the staff members who were in the restaurant that day were also victims and devastated by witnessing a guy murdered in front of them.

“For the most part, the staff got up this morning — and yesterday — and they came to work,” Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles’ spokesman Joseph Collins said. “We opened up and we got back to work. It’s business as usual and that’s something to see when you have such awesome staff as we have.”

Since the Philadelphia native's death, no one has been arrested.

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