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Sean King Accused Of Assaulting & Pulling Gun On Video Director!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in Hip Hop News Sean Kingston allegedly assaulted his video director.

Kingstons video director, also known as GXDLIKE, took to social media to say,

“God don’t sleep He know what went down that night believe me or not, If anybody respect this man or on this man side for what he did to me y’all dead wrong And he know he dead wrong.”

GXDLIKE had said this after many posts were made on Instagram about his alleged assault case.

This incident is said to have occurred after the director announced his phone was dead when Kingston wanted to shoot a video at 2 a.m.

This took place in Kingston’s home in Los Angeles. It is said his director had been staying with him for 3 months prior to this case.

After Kingston heard GXDLIKE share the news, he punched him in his face.

Kingston’s punch left a bruise and a minor cut, however it did not end there.

Kingston continued the assault by dragging him, then proceeding by holding a firearm up to his face.

As more information gets released, claims have been denied on Kingstons end when a statement was provided to XXL which says,

"Any allegations regarding my client, Sean Kingston made over the past few days are false, It is unfortunate that Sean’s former videographer upon being terminated has chosen to seek his 5 minutes of fame. All claims will be disproven.”

GXDLIKE had made a report to the Los Angeles Police Department and further actions are undecided as of now.

There is a high debate right now on whether Kingston is lying or his video director is lying.

Fans have been leaning towards the director’s side considering how he posted evidence that his face was bruised.

Though his director provides evidence, this bruise may not be from Kingston.

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