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Shooter Responsible For Texas School Mass Shooting Identified As 18-Year-Old Salvador Ramos

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, we deliver the bittersweet news that Salvador Ramos has been identified as the shooter who killed 19 students and two adults at Uvalde's Robb Elementary School.

Bittersweet only because while we’ve identified and have eliminated the target, the precious and beautiful 2nd - 4th graders who’ve been violently killed in the wake of this unemotional killer alongside two adults have been snatched so quickly from this world.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott revealed the shooter's name. According to the New York Daily News, Abbott was a resident of the city, which has a population of 15,000 people and is located 80 miles outside of San Antonio.

As word of the horrific mass shooting at a Texas elementary school spread on social media, prominent hip-hop artists reacted on Twitter.

Missy Elliot, Chuck D, Offset, and other celebrities offered their condolences to the families and emphasized their worries for the future.

Missy Elliot took to Twitter on Tuesday to express her support for individuals who are suffering psychologically, financially, and physically.

“We living in some TRYING TIMES… It’s Heavy… I am praying for everyone that is struggling MENTALLY/FINANCIALLY/PHYSICALLY that some PEACE be RESTORED,” Missy Elliot said. “So many in the world is dealing with pain & I don’t have the answers but I send you LOVE virtually.”

Trae Tha Truth, a Houston rapper known for his compassion, offered to pay for some of the victims' burial expenses.

"This Aint Right... Let's Step Up To Assist Them," Trae captioned his Instagram photo.

Trae Tha Truth also disclosed that he declined an invitation to the White House to help victims of the recent horrific shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York.

“I was invited to the White House today to meet with the president with the families of those who have been wrongfully murdered by police,” Trae Tha Truth wrote. “But the people of Buffalo, N.Y. are really in need as well as the families of the children murdered in Uvalde. So I will have to pass. I will be in the field with the people in need.”

Atlanta rappers Offset and 21 Savage also expressed their condolences to the families and expressed shock that youngsters are not protected in schools.

21 expressed "I can't believe kids have to worry about their safety at school," 21 Savage stated. "That sh*t is insane to me, extremely insane!!!"

While Offset sends his "Prayers for the folks in Texas bro, those are kids that were slain smh," Offset said on Twitter. "This world really needs God smh"

Several other celebrities, including rapper Kid Cudi, music producer Metro Boomin, NBA icon LeBron James, and musician/documentary director Questlove, have responded to the news on Twitter.

Twitter continues to show an outpour of cries for justice, peace, and prayers to the parents who've lost their children and to the two adults that passed as well.

Ramos, 18, reportedly shot his grandmother, who survived, before going to Robb Elementary School and opened fire at 11:30 a.m. Central time.

Apparently, Ramos texted a friend of his actions and explained how he had a "surprise" for his friend as soon as his grandfather left the home which accompanied his grandmother who he'd planned beforehand to do something to.

He texted her at 11:06 a.m. that he was "waiting for" his grandmother, who he said was "on the phone with AT&T" concerning his cell phone. He used a foul expletive to refer to her. "I'm going to do something to her rn," he wrote.

When 11:21 a.m. rolled around, Mr. Ramos texted, "I just shot my grandma in the head," followed by, "Ima go shoot up an elementary school rn."

Ramos was slain in the aftermath of a firefight. The gunfight left two cops with minor injuries.

The reason for the shooting has yet to be revealed.

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